Prusa Nozzle


Feedback is important

After a month of sales I accumulated feedback from many use cases. I want to deeply thank everyone sending feedback and encourage you to send me yours!

Heat acts differently

It is important to be cautious and think about the air flow. While the thermal transfer is similar to PEEK hotends. In the Stainless Steel Prusa barrel, heat travels around and can heatup some parts of your extruder drive. It is important to be cautious and think about the air flow.

Wades / Gregs extruder

Aluminium mounting plate shipped with Batch #1 nozzles partially acts as heatsink. It is important to have it exposed to moving air. What I've seen with some users that have a large carriage without much air movement around the mounting plate can create a hot air pocket just where the mounting plate is. This can cause the mounting plate to act as heat-trap instead of heatsink.

Note: Keep air moving around the mounting plate. When the mounting plate gets too hot, heat will travel around the filament, and cause drive gear to heat up, and your extruder could slip. Users solved this with mounting the included fan pointing at the drive gear.


Running the Prusa Nozzle in heatchamber requires loads of active cooling in same fashion as with Wades / Gregs due to increased ambient temperature. When you run high temperature plastics like Polycarbonate and Nylon, you can proceed fanless.