Prusa Nozzle

Firmware setup


Heatcore is shipped with EPCOS B57560G104F which has presets in all major RepRap firmwares.

Marlin FW example.
#define TEMP_SENSOR_0 1

Limiting power

Heatcore has really powerfull heater cartridge inside. To get more precise control over the temperature, we will limit its power to 50%.

Marlin FW example.
#define PID_MAX 128 // limits current to nozzle; 256=full current

Increase thermal shutdown

Conventional hot-ends will be destroyed if the temperature goes over 250°C, Prusa nozzle with with thermistor is limited at 300°C.

Marlin FW example.
#define HEATER_0_MAXTEMP 300

Printing setup


Developer Batch #0 units are shipped with Wade extruder compatible aluminium mounting plate. Nozzle is screwed in the central hole with M6 thread. Then you slide heater cartridge on the opposite end and secure it with included clamp mechanism by tightening the philips screw.

40mm fan should be installed in a way it can blow on the mounting plate and nozzle body. Fan is necessary for reliable printing from PLA in Batch #0 units. I am still refining manufacturing process and some prototypes shown that in the future it will be possible to print PLA fanless.

Inital burn

When you heating your nozzle for the first time, heat it to just 100°C and let it sit for 5 minutes. Fire cement holding the thermistor inside heater cartridge will finish curing.


Temperatures needed to be set roughly 20 - 30°C higher then with conventional brass hot-end. That is due stainless steel low heat condactuvity. Developer Batch #0 units are shipping and this chapter will be updated as more feedback come to me.


Extrusion temp between 250 - 260°C works fine for materials that has been tested. No fan is usually needed, only when nozzle is mounted on really crowded carriage with little to no airflow.

Nylon 6

Extrusion temp between 260 - 280°C to get nice layer bonding. No fan is needed.

Poly Carbonate

Extrusion temp between 260 - 280°C to get nice layer bonding. No fan is needed.


Extrusion temp between 220 - 240°C. Fan is highly suggested.